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Monday, April 28, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend

Ahhh! What a relaxing weekend we had. Neither hubby or I really felt like doing anything productive, so we took it easy and had a wonderful time.

I read these books:

This book was really good and easy to get in to. Here's the summary: Who is Asher Genzano? A fanatic? A religious zealot? A raving lunatic? Or is he what he says he is--a 2000-year-old man cursed with immortality and on a holy mission to prevent a global cataclysm? Claudia Fischer's search for answers leads her into the past where myth, history, and prophecy intertwine in ancient legends of the Wandering Jew, biblical warnings about the Antichrist, and eyewitness accounts of the Crucifixion, the Inquisition, the Holocaust. What Claudia learns challenges everything she believes . . . about life, love, and God.

Okay, so this one was WAY below my reading level, but I read the "Christy Miller" series while I was a teenager and loved them, so when I saw that Robin Jones Gunn started a new series with those characters, of course I have to read those too!

I also worked on finishing up my craft room. Here are a few pictures of the bulletin board I made and my version of a window mistreatment that I read about on The Nester. Once the room is all finished, I'll post the before and after photos. It's quite the transformation!

CVS shopping was also on the agenda. I'm trying to learn their ECB system, and I was pretty excited with the deals I got this week. I'll try to do all the math and take a photo tonight and post more on those tomorrow.

Sunday after church we went and got our backs and necks adjusted and a massage done. That evening we had our traditional Sunday evening homemade pizza (my hubs is the best pizza maker in the whole world) and watched Charlie Wilson's War (well, I feel asleep halfway through), the Yankees game, and Desperate Housewives.

What a relaxing way to end/start our weeks!

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  1. Girl, you did a fantastic job!! Love the memo board, love that you are doing CVS but mostly love the mistreatment! You have earned your mistreatment club button if you want it, the link is on my sidebar!


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