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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Genuine Farmgirl

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I ever pictured myself hauling feed through the muck to feed a bunch of cows I probably would have said, "Yeah, right!"

Looks like God had different plans! My hubby had to go out of town on a business trip all of a sudden, and Mom & Dad in-law are still on their way back from Florida, so that left me to make sure that 6 cows, 2 calves, 2 cats, and 1 giant dog got fed two times a day.

Boy was it a chore! But, I'm glad to say that I survived the day and a half. I only got stuck in the lovely cow manure muck three times and almost fell over once, but I successfully hauled 6 bales of hay, 2 buckets of grain, some cat food, some dog food and no one seems worse for wear! Now, if only there wasn't that water problem with the well that developed while everybody was gone. I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly fond of brushing my teeth with water that all of a sudden decides to turn brown for 30 seconds at a time.

Oh the joys of farm life. I guess I should have seen this coming, though, when I said I wanted to marry a "city/rancher" kinda guy! But you know what? I secretly enjoyed my time each morning with the animals - even if it did make me late for work both days. Don't get me wrong, though...I'm more than happy to hand it all back over to them this evening when everybody else gets home!

Here are some pictures of barnyard friends:

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  1. Brie,

    What an adventure! I think you might enjoy reading the blog called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

    You won my Bingo game! Please e-mail me with your mailing address, so I can send your prize. If you want to be surprised with what you're getting, don't click on the links in my post announcing the winner. =)


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