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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday Bashes

Being the only female at my work, I decided to make the place a little more "homey" this year by celebrating everybody's birthday with cupcakes. I try to match the cupcake to that month's theme (i.e. holiday). Unfortuantely, some of them might be a little too feminine, but hey, it's hard to find at least 12 different masculine type of cupcakes!

Here are the ones I made for yesterday's party. I went with the Valentine theme, but I couldn't get the frosting the right red color so we went with an orange and then I covered it with multi-colored sugar crystals. I was going to use large conversation hearts, but I thought it might be a little bit awkward if somebody got one that said "Marry Me".

Last night we also had an early birthday party / going away party for my hubby's sister who is moving to London with her husband for a couple months for work. (I must admit I'm very jealous because England is one of my favorite countries; I would live there in a heartbeat!)

I made the poppy chicken that I read about on Carrie's blog yesterday. It was delicious! I tried to make it a little more healthy by using light sour cream, reduced fat ritz, 1/2 the amount of butter, and the healthy request versions of the soups. We served it over rice and loved it. You can get the recipe for it here.

Here's the pretty gift we gave her. Normally I like to handmake my cards & decorate the front of gift bags, but all my craft supplies are packed away for now until we convert my hubs old room to my craft room, so I had to settle for store-bought stuff. It still came out cute, though, I thought.

And, here's a picture of the birthday girl with Gram:

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  1. Glad you tried--and liked--the poppy seed chicken. Hope you're having a good weekend!


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