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Monday, January 23, 2012

Detail Photos from McKinley's Sweet Shoppe 1st Birthday

My poor neglected blog. And, no it doesn't look like I'll be back anytime soon because we found out that #2 is due on July 4th. Two under 2! Yikes! Being a mom, wife and a working gal has kept me one busy lady so blogging and blog reading have been put on the back burner. However, once a week I try to find time for my newest addiction...Pinterest. Love this! I couldn't figure out any better way to post photos of McKinley's Sweet Shoppe 1st Birthday to my board than posting them here first.

All of the things you see below I designed myself so please do not copy any of them without giving me credit. The labels and tags are available for purchase and can be customized with any color/name/info. I will also custom make any banners or lollipop trees (minus the ceramic pots) if wanted. If you're interested in purchasing anything, e-mail me at brieblogs (at) optonline (dot) net.

"1" label used on water bottles and "lollipop" trees

Banner that hung above the sweets table. I cut out each triangle, punched a coordinating pink or green sheet of cardstock for the top strip, glittered chipboard letters and glued them to each triangle. I then used mini clothspins I had left from our wedding to attach them to ribbon that hung from 3M command hooks on the wall. A little time consuming, but well worth it!

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
The birthday girl was not happy about wearing the hat I made her, but we had to get at least one shot with it. I traced a party hat onto green cardstock and cut it out. The fringe at the bottom (and the top pouf) is crepe paper streamer, folded in half, cut with fringe and stapled to the bottom of the hat (staple it while unfolded and then fold the top half over to cover the staples). The pink circle background I picked up on clearance at Michael's and printed my custom designed "1" label to go on top of it.

I custom designed this cupcake and used it all over.
In this case, I used it on a label that was on the shirt McKinley wore and water bottles.

"Lollipop" trees - I printed custom labels on a swirled background to look like giant lollipops on cardstock. I sandwiched a wooden dowel in between, wrapped them in cellophane and stuck them in foam in a painted ceramic pot. Very cheap and very cute!

Monogram label used on water bottles and the "lollipop" trees

Close up of photo banner - print picture on photo paper with white border, mount to colored cardstock, print custom "month" label and attach to bottom center of picture. Hang with mini clothspins from garland

The photo banner - one picture for each month (and one from her birth)

"Smash" cake - vanilla cake with strawberry frosting
The gumballs around the bottom dissolved in your mouth immediately so they were not a choking hazard. It didn't matter anyway, though, because my little one stayed true to herself -  one lick of frosting and that was enough for this girl who has no sweet tooth but loves spicy food, fruit, veggies and meat.

Sweets table - each guest made up a bag to take home as a favor. Pink, green and white candy included: Jelly Beans, Peanut M&Ms, Good & Plenty, Starburst Reds, Tootsie Pops, Key Lime Salt Water Taffy, Gummy Watermelon Slices, Homemade White Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Pink & White Frosted Animal Crackers

Modified the cupcake label to be used as a "thank you" label on the bags for the sweets table

Customized store bought water bottles with shelf liner paper ($1/roll at Target) and custom printed labels

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