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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Pregnant


Knock, knock, knock.

Is this thing on?

Why, hello. There is at least one of you out there who still reads this thing (Hi Chels!).

39 weeks today and still no baby. She's welcome to come anytime now. In fact, I'd really appreciate it if she decided to come sooner rather than later. After all, I've been off work for two weeks now without a baby to hold :( It has given me time to file all my papers that accumulated over the past year and clean out the upstairs hallway so I have a spot to work from home.

I've also been busy attending a surprise baby shower that our awesome church through us. We have such great friends there!

The nursery? Well, it's not quite done, but it's done enough to be liveable. To most people, it's probably done, but to silly me, there are still a lot of accessorizing things to be done. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to that when I'm not busy making up some freezer meals to hold us over for a little bit once baby girl does arrive.

Today hubby had me out picking up brush around the property and throwing it on bonfire piles to help speed the process along. I've also done a lot of walking, squats, ate some fresh pineapple and I'm getting ready to have a cup of raspberry tea. Who knows if any of these things will actually work, but they're worth a try!

My mom flies in this Sunday night so I know she'd like for the lil' turkey to wait until Grandma gets here, but this mommy has has just about enough of being pregnant and wants to be home for Thanksgiving (yes, I'm helping make the me crazy, but I love cooking!).

What else is new here? Well, as you see in the photo...I chopped my hair off. 5 inches to be exact. I did it the day of hubby's Mayor's Ball this past Saturday. I tried a new place and I'm not happy with it at all compared to my regular lady, but I was trying to save a buck or two. Guess that's what you get.

Well, I probably won't be back for at least another few days (ok, more likely a week or so), but I do hope to resume blogging more regularly in the not too distant future. Don't worry, I will post an update, though, when the little one arrives with the big name reveal!

P.S. Too lazy to go back and grammar/spell check...sorry.

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