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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whoa it’s bright! (A nursery update)

I spent Saturday moving all my junk crafting/office stuff out of hubby’s old childhood bedroom my craft room to begin the conversion project to the nursery. I don’t know where all this stuff comes from…it seems to breed like rabbits!

Hallway Junk

Let’s take a moment to fully appreciate everything that is now piled in the hallway.

  1. Dress I wore one time to hubby’s sister’s wedding that I’m now waiting to sell at a garage sale? Check.
  2. 2nd computer monitor I haven’t used in over a year because my desktop PC died? Check.
  3. Printer I haven’t used in just as long due to not having a computer? Check.
  4. Paper chain I made from scrap papers to start counting down the days until baby girl arrives (starting at 67 of course since that’s how many spare strips I had)? Check.
  5. A wall hanging water fountain that I purchased a couple years ago for our home only to realize it was still going to be a couple years until we were in our own home? Check.
  6. At least 10 more items with the same story as #5? Check.
  7. 6 piles of papers waiting to be filed in my one filing drawer? Check.

And it goes on and on and on.

Where does all this junk valuable stuff come from? More importantly, where am I going to store it all for the next 6 months until our place is built?

I’ve thrown a lot of things out and I just keep reminding myself that it looks like so much because I had one room functioning as my crafting space, storage space for some of hubby’s office stuff, storage space for decor items for our home (when we finally move out of the in-laws) that were either purchased on deep discount or given to us, my office space, my closet, and whatever else my in-laws needed to stash someplace but didn’t know where to put it. That kinda explains it all!

Once I cluttered up the hallway, I now had a blank slate to start painting:

Prepaint looking at closets

My clothes are in the closet on the right and have to stay there. I still need to empty out the suitcases, winter coats and other miscellaneous household items/wedding gifts that are being stored in the closet on the left to make room for our little girl’s clothes. I’m going to build shelves to flank the window and I’ll use the top of this built-in unit as a changing table and the drawers hold the rest of baby girl’s clothes (formerly home to my craft supplies).

Prepaint looking at windowseat

This corner on the right of the picture is where my awesome craft table (which I picked up for $10 at the Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago) used to be stored. Where I’m going to store my table and get my craft on now I don’t know. It makes me so sad :( Now this corner will be home to a rocking chair, table and lamp. The window seats have never been properly finished in the 30 years hubby’s family has occupied this house, so I need to remake the top and buy some foam and fabric to actually make a functional window seat. However, I did discover hubby’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards that are being stored underneath it. Maybe his daughter will like playing with those someday?

Prepaint looking at door

This is looking back out towards the hallway. The crib will be along the wall on the right. You’ll notice I forgot to paint over the horrible lovely blue color that was hubby’s room before I painted it Dry Sage (by Benjamin Moore) when I converted it to my craft room. R.I.P. I loved you Dry Sage and miss you terribly already. I promise we’ll be seeing each other again in the new home.

And here is where the room is at as of today:

1st coat of paint 

The first coat of Benjamin Moore’s Potpourri Green has been applied to the walls. I used the Behr Paint & Primer-in-One from Home Depot and was told it would probably take two coats. That is the truth, but it’s still one coat less than if I primed it separately. Unfortunately this type of paint was thicker than normal and I only have 1/3 of a gallon left. I don’t want to have to buy a whole new gallon because while the color matches the fabric perfectly, it’s too bright of a green for me and I will not use it again. I’m more of a muted Dry Sage kinda girl than a hi here I am Potpourri Green type of gal. So, I’m trying to figure out if a quart will be enough. Any words of wisdom for me on whether a quart (in addition to the 1/3 of a gallon I have) will be enough or whether I need to bite the bullet and buy another gallon? I really want to finish putting the 2nd coat on tomorrow while hubby is out of town.

Next step after I get the 2nd coat on the walls is to touch up the trim and repaint the built-in dresser/desk unit. I liked the distressed look with the Dry Sage, but not liking it with the Potpourri Green. I’m also hoping to get the shelves up before hubby gets back this weekend. We have a lot of scrap mdf at work and I’m hoping to avoid having to buy any new material. I’m all about free shelves after all!

After that it’s on to new carpet (can’t wait to get this gross stuff out of there) and accessories. I’m hoping once I start to get the fabric and other items in there the green will be toned down. It doesn’t look bad in the picture above, but when you see the whole room it is BRIGHT! In my head I always see it as more neon green than it really is, but I’m just going to make it work.

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with another update. After all, this Thursday marks the start of my 3rd trimester. How in the world did it get here so soon!?


  1. Brie, love the room color! Great job! You must be getting so excited to meet your little girl soon!

  2. buy a gallon, unless you KNOW you will be painting a new color before too long. Baby and kid walls (think toddlers) get YUCKY and need washing/repainting often :-). Even with high quality paint there will be repairs!


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