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Friday, July 9, 2010

Another one for team…

Yankees Outfit


To say I’m ecstatic is an understatement! Hubby took it like a champ too and I think he’s going to be so in love with his little girl he’ll forget all about the fact he was positive it was a boy. My family is super happy and I think my in-laws will eventually come around to the idea of a grandDAUGHTER instead of a grandson (they just tend to be more boy-oriented). And, I even chose to laugh at a most likely unintended insult from my m.i.l. during the following conversation:

M.I.L (to hubby): “Looks like no help on the farm for you.”
Me: “Oh no, I fully expect him and want him to show our little girl how to work on the farm too.”
M.I.L: “No. She’s going to be just like her mother.”

What other option did I have but to look at hubby and just laugh? I know I’m definitely more girly than my mother-in-law, but I also know how to get dirty when the time calls for it. I’ve loaded and thrown hay bales. I’ve gotten dirty renovating a house with my hubby. I’ve dug in the dirt and helped put up fencing. Just because I prefer to do more inside “girly” chores doesn’t mean I can’t help out on the farm. Besides, you gotta have someone to feed and cloth the hungry workers and give them a place of respite when they come in from the fields!

I’ve been on cloud 9 all day. Now it’s time to start planning the nursery! And, for those of you who are wondering, we are pretty set on a name, but we’re not revealing it until our little girl arrives.

P.S. Her daddy picked out the cute little Yankees outfit and looked all through the racks on his own to find the right size to fit her for next year’s season. So cute!


  1. Very exciting, Brie! Can't wait to hear what her name is, when she arrives. :)
    I'm like you ~ I'm willing to get dirty, but I think I'd rather be cooking for everyone than out working hard every day! haha It's Pioneer Woman's approach, and I like it.

    So happy for you!

  2. Oh Brie, your story made me laugh! Congrats on a little girl. They are the best!


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