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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From My Bookshelf (and a Surprise!)

Hubby & I took a road trip a couple weekends ago down south for him to do some business and to visit our good friends from church who recently moved to Lexington, KY. While hubby was installing systems and showing farmers how to put the patches on the cow's rumps, I busied myself reading.

I finally finished Sarah Palin's autobiography. Personally, I've always had a lot of respect for Sarah Palin and reading her book only caused that respect to deepen. Whether your a liberal or a conservative, I think you'll find her book interesting. (click on the picture of each book for a better synopsis)

Going Rogue: An American Life

The next three books I found on the "new release" shelves at the library. I like to browse these shelves to find some new authors who I may enjoy.

I read this book by Mitch Albom before in my "Death, Dying & Grief" class my senior year of college (Side note: To this day my hubby likes to comment to people how weird I am because that was one of my favorite college classes ever. I defend myself by saying that when your career goal is to be a medical social worker specializing in serving families of children with cancer, it's a very valuable class to have taken.) and really enjoyed it so I thought this next book would also prove to be an interesting read. I was right.

by Mitch Albom (Author)Have a Little Faith: A True Story [Deckle Edge] (Hardcover)

This next book was a light-hearted one I found on the new release shelf. I was surprised to find it was by a Christian author given my neck of the woods (not a heavily Christian area). It happened to be the third book in the series, but it didn't seem like you really had to read them in order. I'd like to get the other two books and see if the author has written anything else.

Third Time's a Charm: A Novel (Sister-to-Sister)

This book was also by an author I hadn't heard of before. It sounded like it could be an interesting story so I picked it up. It took a little bit to really grab my attention, and I thought I had the ending figured out a few chapters into the book, but when I got to the end I realized I was completely wrong. It ended up being a fairly good read and I may look for other books by this author in the future too.

Tomorrow River
Lastly, I don't remember if I ever mentioned the book I read by John & Staci Eldredge (he's the author of Wild At Heart  which I suggest even women read to have a better understanding of the men in their lives), but it is EXCELLENT and one I highly recommend to any engaged or married couple I know regardless of whether you're in an "up" or a "down" part of your relationship.

Love and War: Finding the Marriage You've Dreamed Of

This book has made a serious impact on our marriage and I'm so glad I read it. A lot of it may be common sense stuff, but the way they present it really helps you understand your spouses' point of view a little better. If you're married or engaged, do yourself a favor and read this book.

In fact, I think this book is so great that I just now decided to giveaway one (1) free copy to a reader. Want to enter? Just leave a comment on this post telling me how long you've been married or engaged and where you met your significant other or send me an e-mail to brieblogs (at) optonline (dot) net with the same info. Make sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win so I can mail you your book. Entries will be accepted through midnight EST on Sunday, June 20th. Winner will be announced Monday, June 21st.

Happy reading and don't forget to enter for your chance to win!

I sponsored this giveaway myself and did not receive any form of compensation for the promotion of this book.


  1. Have you read "Captivating" it's the women's version of "Wild at Heart"...if not let me know and I'm sending a copy your way, we just finishe that with my MOPS Bible study and it was great!

  2. How exciting!! I hear ya about being surprised when there is a book by a Christian author in your library. I feel your pain!! :o)

  3. Oops...I forgot to include the part about me and my hubby! :o) Ben and I will have been married for 7 years in July. Wow, times flies!! We met in elementary school. He was my first "boyfriend" and was so for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade!! Haha!

  4. Ooh, Brie, thanks for this book recommendation! We've been looking for a good marriage book to read together. Andre and I have been married 5 and a half years and met at Covenant :). I hate to admit I got my MRS degree there so I always like to emphasize that we didn't start dating until we had both graduated!!

  5. Hello Brie - I'm a huge book worm and since we just celebrated our three year anniversary, I think your give away is perfect timing. I met my amazing husband in college at UNC. My roommate was friends with his roommate. We dated five years before saying "I do."
    Take care little momma!


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