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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Mom’s Birthday Gift

My beautiful mother celebrated her birthday on January 4th. For her birthday she requested a handmade lanyard for her work badge. She works as a flight attendant for Frontier Airlines and the company colors are purple, black and white. They’re required to wear a lanyard, but that lanyard must be able to break away if someone tried to grab it so that they don’t get choked.

I had a very hard time finding a magnetic clasp that was strong enough to hold the weight of her badge and everything else she has to carry on the lanyard, but that would also break away easily if pulled. The best solution I came up with was to use the clever clasp. It’s a magnet that also has two twists. If pulled hard enough, it will come apart, but under normal use, it should be strong enough to hold.

Here are some photos of the finished product:

She received it this past week and really liked it. If you need a custom lanyard for anything, drop me a line at divinecreations4u (at) gmail (dot) com.


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