Esther 4:14b

"...and who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this."

Monday, October 26, 2009

His Love & Forgiveness are Extravagant

First off, thank you so much to all those who contacted me to let me know they're praying for me and that I'm not alone in what I was going through.

While I never enjoy the times of refining fire, they are completely necessary and I'm so glad that God places those times in my life.

I e-mailed my hubby a copy of the post after I wrote it just to let him know how sorry I was and that God is working in my heart.

Well, when I got home Friday night, my hubby wasted no time modeling the extravagant love and forgiveness of our Lord and Savior.

When I got home from work he was so happy to see me and we enjoyed a nice dinner out that night with his parents to celebrate the end of hay season. He postponed his trip until this Tuesday so he could stay home a few more days with me. Saturday morning he woke up shortly before me and when I came downstairs to get us breakfast, he told me he was making me breakfast and made me Danish pancakes. Later that day he gave me a belated 2nd anniversary gift - a beautiful strand of pearls. Yesterday we had an awesome day at church and then went and walked 94 acres of farm land that we're looking into purchasing. It was a glorious day and I was so blessed to be the recipient of extravagant forgiveness and love beyond anything I could have asked for.

If my human husband acts this way, I can only imagine how much more my Heavenly Father is waiting to show his extravagant love, mercy and forgiveness.

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