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Friday, September 4, 2009

Giddy Up!

I've been looking forward to this Labor Day weekend for a VERY long time.

I picked my mom and dad up at the airport last night and we're on our way to pick up hubby in Dillsburg, PA. He hoped a ride with our friends Luke & Melissa (our reno buddies) from the house to their relatives house there. Once we get him, we're off to GETTYSBURG!

I love Civil War history (don't ask me to recall a single date or name, though because I enjoy learning it, not remembering the specifics!) and can't wait to tour this battlefield again.

The first time I went was about 8 years ago with my parents. This time we're taking hubs for the first time (even though he's lived three hours away from it for his whole entire life) and we're touring the fields on HORSEBACK! How awesome is that?!

We're also going on a ghost walking tour tonight where they'll tell us stories from that time in history.

And to top it all off, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.

Now, where are my boots and hat?

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  1. That is awesome, you need to post pics. And horseback is the best part! Your nephew is so cute, I love the pic of him with the cake :)
    Take care ~ Alyshia


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