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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I had for dinner two nights in a row

My hubby is out of town. It was supposed to just be a two day business trip, but he decided to stop by our house and work on some more demo before coming home after his next two day business trip (seeing how they're all in the same part of the country).

I don't know about you, but when it's just me eating dinner, I usually pick one of two things...cereal or quesadillas (or nachos if I have chips but no tortillas).

So yes, I confess that for the past two nights by dinner has consisted of this:

Granted, it's a "healthy" quesadilla composed of fat free refried beans (for protein), colby jack cheese (dairy), already cooked chicken and green pepper from the fridge (more protein and veggies) and topped of with a little salsa (more veggies). Yum! The first night I had it with a wine cooler I found in the fridge. Last night, I let my father-in-law have the last wine cooler...afterall, he loaded the 80+ bales of hay while I just drove the truck and trailer. I think he deserved it a little more than I did!


  1. I also LOVE quesadillas and nachos. So easy and so tasty!

  2. You are truely a generous daughter-in law.:) Thanks for the comments on my blog. There are few, as you know, and they mean so much. I love living in your "reality show". One of these days I know the Lord is going to have our lives touch again.


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