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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wedding Photos

Moriah at Please Pass the Salt participated in this and I thought it'd be fun to join in too. Most of them don't have my groom's full face in them unfortunately due to him needing to stay mostly anonymous, but there is a side view!

Our wedding was on October 6, 2007 at the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. It was an outside ceremony and reception so we were praying for no snow. We had a three day party and it was hands down the best weekend of our lives! We had 70 degree weather the whole time with some wind on our wedding day and just as we were leaving to drive to the mountains for a few days before heading home, it started to snow. Is God good or what!?


  1. I love the slideshow (and the song). Your colors and dress are awesome. AND a horse drawn carraige... wow! What a blessing about the weather. CO has every type of weather every hour... LOL. We have family in Broomfield and everytime we visit we are always taking off and putting on layers throughout the day!

  2. I love your dress and veil. If I wasn't so short, I would have loved a long veil like yours! The carriage was beautiful. Gorgeous wedding

  3. Hey Brie,
    The photos are beautiful! It's so nice to be in touch and see what you're up to now. Thanks for the comment on my cards post the other day :) That was really encouraging...I've just started learning how to do them, and it's such fun! I love seeing all the creative things you do-you're so talented! Love,


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