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Monday, October 20, 2008

Let the Crafting Begin

It's been a long process (I think I started painting back in February), but last week I finally finished converting my husband's old bedroom into my craft room/dressing room.

The floors were supposed to be converted to hardwood, so I wasn't careful about painting, and hubby's sister's dog peed on them about 6 times, but the in-laws put the plan on laying hardwood on hold, so thus the carpet to cover up a lot of mess!

Behold the before and after shots:

These photos show the main difference between me and hubby. I'm a neat and organized (most of the time) and he wants to be neat and organized, but he's not. Guess that's why he married me! The mess is part of the reason why it took so long to convert the room because I wanted to throw out a lot of the "junk" and he wanted to keep it, but didn't want to sort through it and pack it up.

Hubby used both of these closets to hold his clothes plus the drawers in the desk/dresser thing. He has way more clothes than he ever wears, but I'm not allowed to get rid of any of them. During the process, I moved all his clothes to our bedroom which is to the left of the photo so that hopefully I won't be picking up after him in both rooms. I then moved all my clothes (minus the few in my dresser in our room) to the ONE closet on the right. Yes, you read that correctly, my husband has more clothes than me!

We packed away all the bears for safekeeping. My husband has been in this room since he was 3 years old, so there was a lot of memorabilia to pack away and sort through. I was able to narrow it all down to three boxes. Whew! I took down the shelves and put up new drapes. The collage of photos of me in the background was a Valentine's gift for him and now hangs by his closet in our bedroom. The blue paint definitely had to go!

Hubby's brother drew this baseball player on the wall when they shared a room. I was only allowed to paint over him after I took a photo for prosperity. I reused this dresser to store stuff along a different wall in this room.

I love my craft table! I found it at the Christmas Tree Shops. It was on sale for $10! It's a solid wood table and has HUGE service area. I wasn't looking for a table last year, but I knew this was too good of a deal to pass up. The bulletin board in the back I made from a scrap bulletin board we had at work and then I just put fabric over it to make it pretty and hot glued on some ribbons. The magazine holders will get painted white someday. The black boxes store the four current projects I'm working on and were one of my finds from my first visit to Ikea. I wanted white but the white ones weren't on sale. I just looked at the photo again and think I might paint this table white too. What do you think?

Yes, my hubby's mom put a flowery bedspread on his bed. It used to have a nice blue and tan stripe one when I first met him. Don't know what happened to that. The photo of the stock exchange has been put into safe keeping until it can get hung in hubby's office at the new house.

There's the dresser I repurposed. It's filled with gift wrapping supplies and gifts I collect throughout the year for people. Now, let the crafting begin!


  1. Wow! You have a great gift! Would you come and spend some time in my home and give me some tips? :) What a great space for creativity!

  2. Looks wonderful! A cozy and inspiring place! :)

  3. Wow, thats beautiful! Great job! Even sharing with the in laws youve come a long way from the cave you had when you lived with me!

  4. Em - I guess anything is better than a 2 x 2 room! Just wasn't quite that small.

  5. Hi Brie,
    you don't know me but I'm a friend of Beth's. I linked to your blog from hers.
    Anyway, your redec. looks fantastic. You really transformed that room - love your style!


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