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Monday, September 22, 2008

No Patience for Stupid Drivers

I have no patience for stupid drivers. Especially those who put other driver's lives at risk.

This morning on my way to work, I was cut off by a car coming from an exit lane. I guess being in one of the three available lanes was not good enough for her. I was just slightly peeved at this point, but something in my gut told me to keep my distance from that car.

At the next light, she proceeded to cut off another driver. The following light, she squealed her tires as she tailgated the driver in front of her.

I knew she was going to cause an accident, so unfortunately, I was not suprised when I came up over a hill and saw she ran a red light, t-boned a SUV causing it to flip, and then spun into a guy waiting to make a left hand turn.

I just read online that the accident caused the road to be closed in both directions for about an hour and a half during peak rush hour. Two people were also sent to the hospital as a result of the accident.

I don't care how late she was for her college class or whatever it was she was heading to, but it's better to be late than dead or injure/kill one of your fellow drivers.

Next time you see a car driving irradically, please keep your distance. And for all of us, please leave 5 minutes early or accept the fact that you'll be late. Speeding and driving crazy is NEVER worth it.

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