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Monday, August 4, 2008

My Hubby's Birthday

This was a great weekend!

Saturday I was able to finally get our room clean and start working on getting my craft room organized. I'm not brave enough to post pictures of that yet, but hopefully soon. Here is one of our newly cleaned bedroom, though. I like this room because so far it's really the only space in the entire house that is decorated in my style. Which, given that it's my in-laws house, it's great that they let me do what I want with this room (minus picking the paint color).

Ahh...much better and so much more relaxing! I also cleaned the bathroom, worked on getting the in-laws computer cleaned up and running much faster, and worked out.

Sunday was my hubby's 31st birthday! We started the day off with church and then I ran to CVS to check out the deals. After that, it was home to wrap hubby's gift and start cooking. We celebrated with his parents and grandma. He loves ice cream cakes, so I made Buster Bar dessert on Saturday so it had time to freeze. For lunch I made his favorite meal of Chicken & Grapes with Cous Cous (I got the recipe from Rachel Ray) and my Mandarin Orange Salad. Grandma brought the fruit salad that he loves so much. Yum!

After lunch he opened gifts. His parents spent the whole day Saturday giving his office a complete cleaning top to bottom. This was a fantastic gift because I just don't have the time to do this. I ended up getting him the tool bag I talked about (which he actually liked!) and some interlocking exercise floor mats for our workout area. He loved them! I was so happy!

Next it was on to watch the Yankees in their exciting come from behind win. It would have been a great day to be at the ballpark, but I'm sure tickets would have been outrageously expensive because it was sold out. We then all decided to go and see "The Dark Knight." I LOVED it! It was the first Batman movie I've ever seen and it was awesome. I don't think my mother-in-law and Gram liked it too much, but it was fun. We wrapped the day up with pizza on the way home from dropping Grandma off.

The only bummer? I had to blur out the face of my husband of less than a year. I thought people only did that when they broke up.

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