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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

House Tour - Kitchen & Dining Room

Join me as we step in to the dining room. This room is located on the back left side of the main foyer. It has a full wall of windows (half are cut off in the photo) that face the backyard. It has a big opening that connects it to the formal living room & solarium which are located in the front left of the house. It's probably the room that needs the least amount of work.

Heading out of the dining room towards the foyer you come to these two doors under the main staircase. The one on the right is a closet and the one straight ahead leads to a butler's pantry - which I somehow completely missed the first time we toured the house.

Don't think I'm going to be needing a china cabinet with all this storage space! This needs a granite top and updated cabinets. The wallpaper MUST go!

Walking through the butler's pantry you enter the kitchen (at the right side of the photo behind the fridge). The walls here need a LOT of work because they're plaster with hay, yes like the kind horses eat, mixed in with it. Don't think that's going to work! Plus, the blue trim...just not my taste. Nor is the funky African contemporary art. This room will be getting a complete overhaul. Do you like the previous owners makeshift version of extending the island? Notice the two different countertops. The one furthest on the left is just untreated plywood.

More storage to the left of the fridge area. I want to knock out some walls and make it all part of the same room.

My wood burning fireplace. I'm torn about this one. I know it will really keep the place toasty in the winter and help with the heating bills, but it takes up a lot of space where I could have more countertops and cabinets. I might have to put this one up for vote to see whether it goes or stays.

And lastly, the eating area in the kitchen. If you click on this photo, you'll see that hay in the plaster treatment I'm talking about. On the opposite side of the wall on the right is the door to the backyard. I want to knock this wall out too so that the kitchen is one big open area. We just have to check with our structural engineer/architect to see if it's feasible to knock these walls down or if they're supporting walls.

That's all for now. Join me tomorrow for more!


  1. Oh, do you have to update those cabinets in the butler's pantry - those are so charming and I love them just as they are!

  2. I dunno, Brie, the hay in the walls is pretty unique. Are you sure it can't stay? :) Does this house come furnished? SCORE!!


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