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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day "Off" - Who was I kidding?

This past week I began my new 4-day work week schedule. The intention is to save gas money on my 80 minute commute per day and to have some extra time to get things done around the house so I don't have to spend my whole weekend doing chores instead of relaxing. We also factored in some time for me to work for hubby in his office so that he can have an assistant one day out of the week. In addition, I picked up some additional bookkeeping work to do as well.

Friday was my first official day "off" and all my lofty goals...yeah, they didn't really get accomplished. Hubby and I had dentist appointments in the morning and that really chopped a huge part out of our day. We then tried to get a little work done in the office, but I was feeling antsy about getting to the grocery store before the after work crowds hit, so I cut out early without getting all my work done. The laundry and cleaning the bathroom got nixed for the more important task of preparing the food I was serving for my Pampered Chef party the next morning and cleaning the main level of the house for said party.

After the party on Saturday, hubby and I headed to Sleepy Hollow, NY to meet with one of his clients who works at the Rockefeller farm/estate, Hudson Pines. This is where hubby spent his winter months helping with the calving when we were first dating, and thus where he met quite a few of his financial clients. We had a great time with them and love hanging out at the gorgeous farm whenever we get the chance.

Sunday brought us church, and then because we hadn't gotten all our work done on Friday, it was back out to the office for us for some more work so we'd be prepared for the meeting tonight with the guy I'm doing the bookkeeping for. I still have a few more questions so I can understand clearly what he's wanting (not to mention his not so conventional way of keeping books in the past!) and move forward from there.

Hopefully this next Friday will be a little more productive, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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